5 Ways to Reduce the Risks of Owning a Vacant Property

Owning a vacant property is risky. Unless you’re regularly inspecting your property for damage, costly repairs can go unnoticed and worsen.You also run the risk of break-ins, which can result in broken windows, graffiti-ed walls, or even a burnt down house. Plus, it’s a liability, since you’re less likely to catch things that might cause … Continued

5 Ways to Deal with Problem Tenants

Problem tenants come in many forms. There are tenants that are always behind on rent. There are tenants who let a bunch of people stay with them…. for months. And there are tenants who fail to let you know about the mold growing inside your property. Regardless of what the issue is, if you have … Continued

4 Hidden Costs of Selling Your Home

Are you aware of all the costs associated with selling a home? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably no. Sure, you’re no dummy. You probably know about the closing costs and the commision fee for your real estate agent. But there are other hidden costs that can pop up – often when … Continued