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Being a landlord isn’t always a piece of cake. It can be made even worse by frustrating tenants. You could’ve done a complete background check and called every reference only to find that a problematic renter slipped their way through the screening process. Incident after frustrating incident your tenant has finally pushed you the edge. If you feel that selling your property is the proper course of action, we’re here to help. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Terminate the Lease

If the occupant is on a fixed-lease, you’ll have to let them finish out the term, unless you’ve written in an early termination clause into the lease. However, if they are on a month to month lease, the first step is to notify your tenant that they need to move out.  In California, tenants are legally given 30 days to move, unless they have resided in the property for more than 1 year. In which case, they are given 60 days. Remember, no matter how tempting it may be to use forceful language, keep the wording professional in your notice. *Tip: If you anticipate limited cooperation on the part of the renter, consider giving them incentives. You can offer tenants a break on rent if they vacate early.

  1. Begin the Process of Eviction

Eviction is a difficult measure to resort to, but it may be the right move if your tenant is failing to pay rent, using the property for illegal purposes or creating significant damages. It’s important to follow the eviction process to the letter of the law. It’s easy to let your emotions lead but remember that the consequences for doing things such as changing locks or shutting off electricity could be very costly. Instead, file an action with your local eviction court and begin the legal process of eviction. It will take time and will cost you, but if you are set on keeping your property it could be the right course to take.

  1. Sell Your Property

Continual bad experiences with tenants can leave you wanting to get out of the property managing business or maybe just have you ready to leave one particular property behind. Evictions can be costly and waiting out a tenant’s lease can take months. Instead of living in perpetual frustration, consider selling your property. If you choose to sell to a cash buyer, they will take the property as-is. Oftentimes, we’ll buy with the tenant still residing in the property and we’ll evict for you. If you choose Home Helpers Group, getting an offer is speedy and typically we can close within 10 days.

Bonus Tip

To avoid future problematic tenants, be sure to do a thorough screening process. Start by requiring that all paperwork to be completed before accepting. Then run a background check and call the references of previous landlords to get vital information on the potential renter. And of course nothing beats the face-to-face interview. Go with your instincts to avoid a sea of troubles.

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