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Problem tenants come in many forms. There are tenants that are always behind on rent. There are tenants who let a bunch of people stay with them…. for months. And there are tenants who fail to let you know about the mold growing inside your property.

Regardless of what the issue is, if you have tenants that are making you want to rip your hair out, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 ways to deal with problem tenants.

  1. Screen Tenants Properly

The best way to tackle dealing with terrible tenants is to avoid them all together. Proper screening can help with this.

You definitely want to do a background and credit check. But you also want to go beyond that.

Verify their income. Contact every landlord they’ve rented from. It’s totally worth the leg-work. And if you can, check out their car or current residence. If they look dirty, messy, or damaged, it might be a good indication that they’re not the tenants for you.

  1. Set Clear Policies and Stick to Them

Make sure that your lease agreement clearly details the rules your tenants are required to uphold. Include things like when rent is due, when it is considered late, and what the consequences are if it is turned in late.

Also include things like rules about noise, your pet policy, whether or not smoking is allowed, and how property maintenance should be handled.

Go over all of the rules with your tenant verbally and then give them a copy. Once your rules are in place, it’s important to quickly and consistently enforce them.

  1. Use Documentation

A written notice – in lieu of a call or text – taped to the tenant’s door that indicates what part of the lease has been broken and what the consequences are of continuing to break the rules shows you mean business.

Also, be sure to document any verbal discussions with tenants and keep records of late payments. This way, you have proof should you need to take legal action.

  1. “Cash for Keys”

Evicting a tenant can cost thousands of dollars and be really stressful, so it’s best to try to avoid it if you can.

As an alternative, you can use “Cash for Keys,” which basically means you offer the tenant money to vacate. Yes, you do lose some money with this method, but it’s a lot less than you would if you evicted them.

  1. Hand-off the Headache

If your tenants are truly nightmarish, selling your property to a real estate investor may be a good option. They can typically purchase the property with the tenants in place. Plus, they’ll purchase it for cash as-is. It’s a pretty instant, painless fix.

Want more information on how selling your tenant-occupied property for cash works? Click here to learn more about the process, or fill out the form below.

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