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A long-distance home is not an easy one to sell without the right help. If you’re feeling like it’s an impossible task, don’t worry, you’ve got options! The main thing you need to figure out, is who can be your best helper in this process. Selling on your own is nearly impossible, which leaves a traditional buyer or a professional home buyer. Below is an assessment of both options and their respective pros and cons.

Traditional Buyer

The first idea that has likely come to mind is a traditional buyer. With this option, you’ll first want to find a realtor that is willing to work with you long-distance. You’ll want to work with someone who is willing to communicate well about the numerous steps in traditional sale. Everything from listing and staging to offers and closing documents, you’ll want to be updated every step of the way. This is of course a costly option. Besides the commission paid to the realtor, you’ll need to pay for someone to make your home sale ready. If there are repairs that your realtor suggests making, you’ll need to hire professionals to handle it in your absence. With all that in mind, you’ll want to budget accordingly.

Professional Home Buyer

An option you may not have considered is that of a professional home buyer. These buy house for cash companies can be a wonderful option in long-distance sales. Upon contacting them with your unique situation, they can work with you to get you an offer quickly. Often the offer is made within 24 hours and you can close within 2 weeks. Because you are skipping the middle-man, you won’t have to worry about paying anyone fees or commissions. Instead, you’ll talk to your local home buyer and have cash in your hand fast. Additionally, this option allows you to leave repairs behind. A home buyer will purchase your home in as-is condition which means you won’t have to make a single repair before sale!

Both of these options should be weighed out. Do you have a home with no repairs that is ready for sale now? Are you willing to wait a while for it to be sold? Are you also willing to pay fees and commissions associated with a realtor? If so, a traditional buyer might be best for you. Does your home need a lot of repairs? Are you wanting to sell your California home quickly? If so, then a professional home buyer is right for you. Long-distance home sales don’t have to be complicated with a Visalia based home buyer. We’d love to talk to you about your options.

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