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If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?”, you might need tips on how to stage the outside of your house. First impressions matter and when an interested buyer comes to look at your home, obviously, the first thing they see is the front (outside) of your home. Even if the inside of your home is staged perfectly, having a messy outside could set a bad tone and ruin a whole walk through. In order to avoid that, we are giving you some tips on how to stage your home on the outside.

Empty Driveway

In order to sell your house fast, the outside of your house needs to be appealing to buyers. Remember that a parked car takes away from being able to look at the front of the house as a whole and is kind of an eyesore. It also tells potential buyers that the house isn’t big enough to store everything, so you had to overflow the garage and park your car outside … and it’s distracting in online pictures! So keep the driveway empty and allow for potential buyers to be able to get the full effect of your beautiful home and to even picture their own cars in the driveway.

Keep Personal Items Inside

Lawn ornaments, kids’ toys, obnoxious decorations and any personal items that don’t belong on your front lawn or porch need to be cleared out. Nobody wants to have to walk around your kids’ toys or be creeped out by a lawn gnome when they are trying to make their way to the inside of the home. Again, this sets a bad first impression and the fact that potential buyers are distracted by your messiness, it keeps them from being able to picture how they would set up the front of the house.

Lawn Care

Lawn care is extremely important when someone is interested in selling their house fast and showing well to buyers. This is one of the more obvious suggestions. Brown on a front lawn that isn’t dirt needs to be avoided. Gardens may not look great out of season, but you can spruce them up by getting rid of dead leaves and plants. Also do not plant artificial flowers or plants, that is the epitome of tacky!

Do Not Neglect Eyesores

The rusted-out carport, rotted wood shutters and tattered awnings have been there so long your eyes just move right past them, but trust us, buyers will notice. Getting rid of some outdated, mismatched or dilapidated features of your home’s exterior will drastically improve the curb appeal of your home.

Avoid Improper Paint Colors

Consider a fresh coat of paint, at least for certain details like the front door and shutters. Opt for neutral colors like gray, black, white and beige rather than colors that are obnoxious and extreme like a pink or a “Big Bird” yellow. You could add pops of color that are less overwhelming like painting a red door or painting your shutters a dark blue or green.

Now that we have given you all of these tips on how to improve your home’s exterior you should be able to stage your home for a great first impression. Potential buyers need to be able to picture what they would do with a home inside AND outside. Giving them a clean canvas makes it easier for them to do that and is a great way to start a walk through on a positive note.


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