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Selling your home can be a frustrating process! It’s made even worse when your property doesn’t seem to sell no matter what you try. We’ve listed a couple of potential reasons why the offers aren’t rolling in. Keep reading to find out if one of these is relevant to you!

Poor Marketing

The way you advertise your home is just as important as actually putting  it on the market. Many sellers don’t realize that low quality photos will turn a potential buyer away in seconds. Photos should be clear , informative and plentiful. It’s important to note, that in this case, more is better. Removing furniture and cleaning up before snapping the pictures is helpful. The less of your own belongings a potential buyer sees, the better they can imagine their own things in your space. You can also kick your photos up a notch by hiring a professional photographer. They’ll know all the right angles to make your house feel bigger and better than it already is!

Improper Pricing

We know you love your house. You’ve made so many memories there and your emotional attachment to it is totally understandable. However, factoring emotions into proper pricing is a definite pitfall. Oftentimes sellers will overprice their home because of sentimental value. It’s best to ask a seasoned professional to make an objective assessment of your property for an accurate price. Additionally, it’s important to be open to negotiation. It’s rare that you’ll ever get the asking price for your home and being inflexible about your listed dollar amount won’t help it’s sale.

Under-qualified Real Estate Agents

Working with agents can be unnecessarily difficult. It’s a task in itself to find one that will work hard to list your home to its full potential. The process of listing with an agent can take months and is costly. Factoring in the fees and commission is a must when considering this traditional route. It can be incredibly frustrating to go back and forth in negotiations only to find out that a sale has fallen through. Due to all these factors and more, it is important to do your research and find a stellar agent.

If you’re done being frustrated with a home that isn’t selling, contacting a property investor could be the answer! We’d love to make the sale of your home as stress-free as possible. We know that your time is money and we want to help sell your California home fast. Contact us today, receive and offer and you could close in as little as 10 days!

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