Realtors VS Homebuyers

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California’s Trusted Home Buyer since 2013

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It’s a common misconception that realtors are the only ones who help people buy homes.

Homebuyers can do most of the work independently as long as they know what to look for and where to find it.

Home Helpers Group is the number one homebuyer in Modesto, CA. We buy houses in Modesto and surrounding cities, regardless of condition.

What Makes Homebuyers Better Than Realtors?

Homebuyers can skip over the traditional real estate financing process that can be complicated, lengthy, and expensive. The home buying process is much easier because you work with an actual buyer rather than a middleman.

Homebuyers also do not have to wait for a bank appraisal before buying a house. Because we buy houses for cash, we can close on the home much faster and complete the entire process in as few as 7 days. This is much shorter than the traditional 30-60 days.

Home Helpers Group is a professional negotiator with great knowledge of the Modesto real estate market. We know how hard it is to start, and we want to make your first investment as quick and painless as possible.

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No More Annoying Paperwork With Home Buyers

In Modesto, CA, homebuyers can avoid complicated, redundant, and repetitive paperwork. There will be no searching for a real estate agent or waiting around for bank appraisals. The entire process is simplified by the fact that you are working directly with somebody who wants your house.

Buyers can avoid the time and expense of repairs by selling directly to us. We buy houses in any condition, including those that need renovation or repairs. Our primary focus is on buying people’s homes quickly, giving them cash for their homes, and doing all the necessary work ourselves.

Know The Best Of Your Area

If you entered the google bar “sell my house fast Modesto, CA,” Home Helpers Group is the 1st hit. We are the best Modesto, CA home buyers, and we will give you a fair offer to buy your house for cash ASAP. No matter how many Modesto houses for sale are out there, we’ll buy yours.