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First of all, let us say we’re sorry for your current circumstances. Facing foreclosure is no walk in the park and we understand that. Many of our clients have walked through hard times similar to yours and we sympathize with the stress and frustration it causes. We’d like to be of help during this time and so below we’ve written three ways you can avoid foreclosure. You may have felt that you don’t have any options left but that simply isn’t true. Read on to see what you can do!

File for Bankruptcy

We’ll start with perhaps the least exciting option, filing for bankruptcy. Taking this action will allow you some time to resolve debts. The positive side, is that the sale of your home will be put on hold. The negative side is also present in that during the bankruptcy your income must go toward paying back the debt. Filing will also a significant effect on your credit and affect your chances of obtaining future mortgages.

Negotiate with Your Lender

This next option is a little easier to swallow. Especially if your timing is right! Get in contact with your lender and ask them if they’re willing to renegotiate. Banks aren’t exactly looking for their lenders to file bankruptcy so they may be willing to give you other options. It is important to stress that this process must happen quickly. Due to the speed, consider getting expert help in your corner to navigate the negotiation process.

Sell Your Home Fast

Our last option is what we believe to be the best option. To avoid foreclosure you can sell your home quickly. Of course selling your home on the traditional market can take months which isn’t exactly helpful when you’re in a time crunch. Because selling to a cash buyer is fast and easy, you can likely sell before your home goes to auction. One of the best parts of this option is that your credit can remain intact. All you need to do is fill out the form on our site and wait for your call, which you’ll get within 24 hours. If you like the no-obligation, you can close in as little as 10 days. Obviously, you won’t have your home at the end of the day but you will have your credit intact and you can use the cash to pay your lender.

Every foreclosure situation is different but if you choose to sell your home, we can help you navigate it as best we can. Contact us today to see if we’re the best option for you. If we can help you move on from foreclosure, we will!

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