How to Avoid Foreclosure in Visalia California

First of all, let us say we’re sorry for your current circumstances. Facing foreclosure is no walk in the park and we understand that. Many of our clients have walked through hard times similar to yours and we sympathize with the stress and frustration it causes. We’d like to be of help during this time … Continued

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Home Offer

As the offers roll in for your central California home, you may be getting overwhelmed. It’s not as easy as choosing the highest home offer, so how do you choose? We’ve taken the time to outline 5 tips to help you make your choice. Consider the following factors and get ready to take an offer! … Continued

Selling Your Home Long Distance

A long-distance home is not an easy one to sell without the right help. If you’re feeling like it’s an impossible task, don’t worry, you’ve got options! The main thing you need to figure out, is who can be your best helper in this process. Selling on your own is nearly impossible, which leaves a … Continued

5 Surprising Costs of Selling Your Home

As you prepare to sell your home, taking costs into consideration is paramount. As you may have already experienced, selling can be one of the most stressful life events. Surprise expenses are high on the list of triggers. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the five of these sneaky costs. Here’s to not being blindsided! … Continued

3 Ways to Escape a Problematic Tenant

Being a landlord isn’t always a piece of cake. It can be made even worse by frustrating tenants. You could’ve done a complete background check and called every reference only to find that a problematic renter slipped their way through the screening process. Incident after frustrating incident your tenant has finally pushed you the edge. … Continued

Are You Selling Your House To Relocate For A Job?

First of all, congratulations on your new job! New career opportunities are exciting but once the celebration is over, you may be wondering how to go about the many tasks involved with packing up, moving out and moving on. Leaving the great state of California is hard enough. And when it comes to leaving the … Continued

Selling Your House? Avoid These 4 Mistakes

We live in a world of information.  Home sellers can benefit from a limitless supply of tips, tricks and how-to advice. What often gets overlooked is information about  how not to sell your home. The value of learning from other people’s mistakes is tremendous. Whether you’re still weighing your options, or are already busy with … Continued